Anarchy & Alcohol by CrimethInc


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“Hold it right there – I can see the sneer on your face: Are these anarchists so uptight that they would even denounce the only fun aspect of anarchism – the beer after the riots, the liquor in the pub where all that pie-in-the-sky theory is bandied about? What do they do for fun, anyway – cast aspersions on the little fun we do have? Don’t we get to relax and have a good time in any part of our lives?

Do not misunderstand us: we are not arguing against indulgence, but for it. Ambrose Bierce defined an ascetic as “a weak person who succumbs to the temptation of denying himself pleasure,” and we concur. As Chuck Baudelaire wrote, you must always be high – everything depends on this. So we are not against drunkenness, but rather against drink! For those who embrace drink as a route to drunkenness thus cheat themselves of a total life of enchantment.”

{Taken from the first chapter}